Tuesday, June 8, 2010

baby blessing

I feel so blessed to announce a quick answer to our prayers... I'm pregnant! We went to the midwives yesterday and I'm 8 weeks, 2 days; due January 17, 2011! I posted a couple months ago about our miscarriages and I was prepared for it to be awhile to make this announcement, needless to say we are SO thankful for this quick answer to prayer. We continue to pray as we make our way through the first trimester. Until Sunday when morning sickness hit, my main symptom has been fatigue - luckily Elena is more than able to entertain herself these days. Now I will battle morning sickness - hoping that it won't be long.

The midwife did tell us that they are not willing to take on my case, due to my cardiac history, so we're trying to decide on an OB/GYN. I was sad to hear that, as I've heard such good things about the midwives from my friends; although I'm thankful that they are honest to hand me off to be in a higher level of care. Not sure if I'll be treated as "high risk" yet, but we'll see what our new OB/GYN has to say.

It was so wonderful to see the little heart moving... can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. My current prediction is boy. Peter would really like a boy. We're going to hold off on telling Elena at least until after the first trimester is over... maybe longer if we can contain ourselves in an effort to make the wait not so long for her.

Friday, April 23, 2010


This week Elena and I went to a strawberry patch. What fun! We were in good company - a bunch of mommies and kiddos from our church came too. Upon arrival one of the little girls kicked off her shoes... Elena followed suit and spent her time barefoot, eating as many
strawberries as she could. I tried motivating her to stop eating and "pick some for Daddy". No sooner did I turn around and she was back at it; she was taking it very seriously, so seriously, she couldn't break to smile for a picture... as you can see below.

We picked 4.5 pounds... paid around $7.50 and then on the way out I saw a LARGE box of already picked strawberries that were very ripe. The lady said she'd sell them to me for $2.00. DEAL! By the amount of effort it took me to carry the box to the car, I'm estimating there was about 20-25 pounds of strawberries in there. After sharing them with some friends and family, it still took me a couple hours to clean and freezer pack the ripe ones. I was sick of strawberries! Luckily by this evening, my sickness has lifted and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert. The real stuff - with biscuits & homemade whipped cream. Good stuff!

Monday, April 12, 2010

recounting loss

The last time I wrote, I wasn't able to emotionally divulge the painful trial our family was walking through. I became pregnant last July and in August I miscarried. I've had friends who've gone through this type of loss and I had always tried to imagine what they might be feeling. As I have come to understand now, it brings out every emotion imaginable - shock, sadness, anger and it is unbearable to go through it alone.

Despite all the pain, I was eager to try again to become pregnant. We conceived again in October and I was so excited! So excited that little E would have a sibling. It was also very exciting, as tons of my friends were announcing their pregnancies as well. How fun, everyone being pregnant together & having little ones the same age.

This time round, I became very sick with morning sickness, unable to get out of bed some days. My first appointment to check on the baby wasn't until nine weeks and at that point I was pretty miserable. When they did the ultrasound, the baby appeared to only be 6.5 weeks in size. They waited a week and then did another ultrasound... same thing. The midwife then told us they believed I had had a missed miscarriage. Essentially the baby stopped developing, but had not passed yet. WHAT! AGAIN! I can't go through this again! Despite everything inside of me screaming - NO, I did a good job of holding on to all my emotions and managed not to really break down until I was alone at home. The loss seemed to hurt deeper than before. I'm not going to begin to try to unpack all the emotions that I went through for the weeks that followed, but I will say this - God was right there, in the brokenness, HE held me, comforted me and held my family together... when everything about the experience, was pulling us apart.

So, I guess this is the part in my story that was keeping me from blogging... even blogging the good stuff in my life. Well, its out there now. I know this is not the end of the story. Our desire is still to have a another child. So we hope and pray and wait.

Friday, November 13, 2009

One Year Ago Today

Today marks a year since my heart surgery. Last night I read through a lot of the blog and was thankful to have it all be behind me, to have had such great supportive husband, family and friends and a FAITHFUL God. I wish I could say that I'm not feeling any pain today. I knew going into this that the healing process would be long; but, I don't think I could have wrapped my mind around the concept of enduring chronic pain. Internally, I'm great - better of course because of the surgery. However, because they had to go through my back, my muscles are still weak and recovering. I'm constantly praying for strength and relief from the pain.

For the past couple weeks I went to physical therapy, hoping to find relief. I decided to continue the therapy at home (and not pay to have someone watch me do my exercises.) My plan is to dedicate myself to consistently do the exercises that aim to build my muscles back, which will intern cause the spasms to stop. I'll be re-evaluated after the new year, as to wether I need to seek further treatment. I'm doing all I can to help my body heal.

Thank you for you're continued prayers. Praise God for seeing me through this year of recovery!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back to Blogging

Where to begin when I've been gone so long. I've decided that I'll do a pictoral review of the last 6 months that the blogging world has missed out on. One week turned into two and then months go by... oh well, no apologies needed... will you care to read again? I guess I'll just wait and see. Also, I'll do a general post on the highlights of life and on my next post, I'll give you an update on my healing progress.

So, to ease my way back in to blogging.... here's some pictures. I decided to not leave you to wonder what we did for the last six months... so there are lots of pictures!


Easter Bunny Baking with Mama & Elena

Easter Celebration

My sister, Elena, my mom & me


A relaxing reunion with Peter's college friends on Lake Travis in Austin.

Mother's Day & Elena's Dedication

Cousin Gregory & Elena initiate holding hands - too cute!

Attended my brother Mark's graduation from Taylor University... and lost the pictures of the graduation ... ugh. This picture is another picture of our trip to Ohio, after the graduation.
It's not posed, Elena decided to join Uncle Mark. Way to go, Mark!

Visited my family in Ohio. Peter & I did a "photo shoot" with my cousin Sarah for her senior pictures... isn't she beautiful! Class of 2010!


Happy 2nd Birthday, Elena Grace!

Blowing out candles on her Elmo 'happy cake'!

She wanted ice cream cones too... or maybe that was mama :)


4th of July was spent at the Cruz Family reunion at Peter's parent's home in the country. Lots of fun, lots of food & of course fireworks!

My siblings and my grandma hosted a 30th Anniversary party for my parents. They had just returned from an Alaskan cruise and we celebrated with food from around the world, different places they have lived. Cooking a 4 course meal for 25 people was an adventure. It turned out to be a great night!


Pottery Barn Ad 2009 - just kidding, but it looks like out takes from one. Another reunion weekend with college friends. We celebrated Reagan's 2nd birthday together (middle chair with Elena). These kids had a blast together - and the adults did too!


Fun at the beach in Galveston.


The pumpkin patch.

Carving Elena's first pumpkin!


Grandma Laurel came for a visit. Four generation photo shoot.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peter's Birthday Weekend

Friday afternoon Peter and I set off on his birthday adventure.  We'd bought tickets to the Third Day concert in College Station, a couple hours from our home.  Peter got the tickets several weeks ago... before it was forecasted to be cold.  We dropped Elena off with Abuelo and Abuela.  She was excited to spend time with them and the "bacas" (cows).  As we were leaving, she told us to "have fun!".  

Earlier in the week I made an executive decision spend the night Friday night in College Station and not drive back at an ungodly hour of the night/morning. I'd found this place called the 7F Lodge located just 10 minutes from where the concert. So, I made our reservations at 7F and luckily they had one cabin left ----- the Sugar Shack!

This place was awesome!!! It was such a needed retreat for both of us. If you get a chance read how this place started on their website. It is such a great story. Their motto is "LOVE SAVES LIVES". In addition to the Sugar Shack they have several other cabins in different themes.

After a quick bite to eat at one of our favorite places - Freebirds, we were off to the concert. It had been raining earlier in the day and when we arrived at the outdoor concert venue we were informed that the stage had flooded and the concert would be starting an hour and half later than the scheduled time. So we waiting in the cold. We finally got in and set up our little blanket on the ground and snuggled together to keep warm. There were two opening bands - Revive and Need to Breathe. They were both good; but quite honestly, I was so focused on the fact that I was freezing cold, that it was hard to enjoy anything! So, when Third Day finally came out, I only had a little bit of warm blood left in me. I knew how much Peter wanted to see them; so at one point I went to the bathroom and warmed my hands under the hand drier! It was soon after this, that Peter got too cold too and we decided to head back to 7F... with a quick detour to Starbucks for some hot chocolate!  That evening we enjoyed "jamming" on the electric guitar at the shack.

On Saturday, Peter's birthday, we slept in (yeah!) and enjoyed the continental breakfast left in our cabin.  We did a little sightseeing around 7F... check out the wedding chapel.  Absolutely gorgeous!  I decided maybe Elena could get married here; its just so pretty.

We headed back to Houston and met up with Peter's parents, Elena, Peter's sister and her family, and my parents for a birthday dinner at On the River - Peter's favorite place for fried shrimp & pickles!  I'd been telling Elena for a couple days that it was Dad's birthday coming up.  Instead of "Happy Birthday", she says "Happy Cake".  She was really looking forward to happy cake and helped Daddy blow out the candles.  

Some how I just got pictures of kiddos... our nephew, looking really cool.

I'm so blessed to have such an awesome husband. This past year has been full of challenges and I'm so grateful to have such a faithful and kind husband.  I love you, Peter!

Monday, March 23, 2009